I-Deals Network offers in-house professional and training courses that are targeted at refining clients’ professional skills. These courses benefit both employees and business firms. With in-house training, we provide cost saving up to 40% compared with similar courses that are offered in the market.

Why choose i-Deals Network?

Our in-house training offers the following advantages:

1.Cost effectiveness

- Compared with publicly-conducted training courses, we help save a lot of your money while providing access to unique and insightful training sessions.

- We offer course material which is designed and developed by top experts from scratch to meet clients’ precise requirements.

- To incorporate material from corporate training procedures, clients can add sessions to the course and get it delivered by own staff.

2. Customised content

- Our in-house training helps clients work through own case studies and address specific training and business requirements.

- Corporates get an opportunity to enhance different teams’ professional and networking capabilities.

- We offer courses that are highly interactive.

3. Tailored approach

- It offers convenience and flexibility and helps save time and money.

- Locations and premises are allotted as per requirements.

- It offers opportunity to discuss sensitive topics which can’t be discussed in public.

- We guarantee to offer courses that meet the highest global standards and get it delivered by top industry experts.

4. Team building opportunity

- Our in-house training offer clients a unique team-building opportunity and help understand and appreciate each other’s role within different departments.

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